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Providing education about our lives and how to best care for our people: TNBI2S+ communities

Our Vision

To create a network of online educational presentations by transgender, nonbinary, intersex and Two Spirit people that are diverse in intersecting identities of the presenters as well as in the content of the educational offerings.

Our Mission

The Gender U strives to center, elevate, and pay transgender, nonbinary, intersex, and Two Spirit people in providing education to professionals and allies about our lives and how to best care for our people.

Our Goal

The majority of courses focusing on the lives of transgender people are presented by well meaning presenters who are not a part of our community. At The Gender U, we offer courses that center and amplify the inherent expertise in the lived experiences of our community. We also provide an online network of presentations and courses by transgender, nonbinary, intersex, and gender expansive people. This is your opportunity to learn from the Both-Ands, instructors who are BOTH experts in gender AND belong to the gender diverse community. 

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