Our teams are delighted to invite you to our brand new chapter of our company. This evolution is a huge step into the future, our core beliefs remain.

During the pandemic, we inundated ourselves with what our communities needed and recognized a great need to be able to provide an innovative and accessible educational program for  healthcare professionals, community, and advocates. To more accurately depict who we are and our vision of continuing to push a greater gender equitable shift following another disruptive year, the teams at GEN have renewed our commitments to The Gender U!

The Gender U still endeavors to center, elevate, and pay transgender, nonbinary, intersex, and Two Sprit people in providing education to professionals and allies about our lives and how to best care for our people. Since our founding, we’ve been able to educate 550 enrollees across multiple clinics and universities and donate $5000 to organizations that take good care of gender diverse individuals, provide mental health services supporting TNBI2S+ folks, and advocate for us. The Gender U continues to envision creating a network of online educational presentations by TNBI2S+ as we hope to build an expanding course selection as representative and diverse as our communities.

The Gender U's main mission remains to be able to educate healthcare providers about taking good care of our community. The urgency of building a more accessible and robust foundation for GenderU to distribute information about this life saving care has been continuously confirmed as evidenced by the 2021 Gallop Poll which reports that 1.8% of Generation Z (born 1997-2002) is transgender, followed by 100+ anti-trans pieces of legislation filed across the United States, with 25+ Gender Affirming Care Bans, and ongoing data collection surrounding the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on TNBI2S+ youth.

Dee Dee Watters, Chief Marketing Officer, will also be leaving us to pursue other opportunities. For 3 years we’ve been very fortunate to have her as a driving force in supporting our teams in manifesting our vision and mission. The Gender U will continue to commit to our educators and anyone who enrolls in any course to experience an impactful and compassionate workshop. 

We are excited for you to join us as we continue to provide  education on all things gender related and give back a portion to the communities impacted by gender minority stressors. As we build out and grow our new courses, we will continue to center and amplify the inherent expertise in lived experiences of TNBI2S+ communities.

As we are changing much of our branding, website, and social media, do not hesitate to connect with us! We love compliments and would love to let you know about how to enroll or connect with any of our team members.

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